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Why not send your members out to the practice green with a Roll-In?

The Roll-In golf ball collectors encourages people to collect their balls without doing any damage to the practice green.

Whereas the traditional “clicker” collector (shag bag) leaves imprints in the ground the Roll-In’s gentle collection system ensures you keep your green in tip-top condition.

Making the Roll-In golf ball collector available for member’s practice sessions encourages them to keep the green tidy whilst improving their practice experience.

Meaning they get more time out of their practice and you spend less time tidying up your practice green.

Both the Roll-In BagBuddy and Roll-In Pro Collector are perfect for use on the practice green.

The BagBuddy, which holds 45 balls fits neatly into a golf bag for a quick fire practice session. It also fits neatley in your car boot without even having to detach the 2 piece handle!

The 75 ball Pro Collector is the choice for those looking for a longer practice session. It also comes with a detachable 3 piece handle.