What is Roll-In

Roll-in Medium with walnutsRoll-In is a highly versatile hand tool designed to efficiently collect  objects off the ground without the need for bending at all. Roll-In is ideal for picking up fruits and nuts, both by amateur and professional growers. Roll-In is designed to encourage a correct body posture and so help prevent nagging back pain. Using the Roll-In collector is less tiring, than often tedious hand collecting, it speeds up the gathering process and optimizes working performance.

Areas of application

In nurseries and private gardens Roll-In is useful to pick up pine cones, acorns, beech-nuts and many types of fruit such as apples, pears, crab-apples, plums, passion fruit, and many more.
Roll-In is also designed and manufactured for agriculture use. It is suitable for use in small or confined areas – and indeed larger areas too – where specific crops and cultivations require manual floor gathering. Importantly the Roll-In system is an excellent tool to integrate with powered mechanical gathering systems. Picking up in difficult or confined areas of crop, where large machinery has missed or has difficulty to access.
Roll-In can also be used to pick up golf balls, tennis balls, shotgun cartridges and employed in many other collecting tasks in sporting environments.


Roll-in Medium with a wire every three to collect bigger objectsRoll-In has its origins with a wire type rake. Unlike a rake though at the end of the handle is a strong and flexible steel wire cage. When the cage is rolled across the ground, the flexibility and elasticity of the central steel wires allow fruit, nuts and other objects being collected to enter but not exit the cage. This can be achieved on hard, soft, grass, soil, even, and undulating surfaces, despite the potential presence of leaves, pieces of wood or other objects.

One of the premium features of Roll-In is its new patented system of flanges which keep the steel wires in place. The patented flanges make it possible to remove and replace wires as and when required. The number of steel wires can be reduced to allow collection of larger objects, or a steel wire substituting in the unlikely event of one needing replacement.

The Roll-In system is supplied with an emptying apparatus that attaches to most collecting containers. This emptying method facilitates the opening of the mesh, to allow the collected objects to quickly empty into a storage container.

Is Roll-In what I need?

Whether you are looking to pick up and collect multiple types of fruits, nuts and seeds fallen from trees in your garden. Or If you are looking at more demanding harvesting operations, gathering olives or nuts in grass, or apples in orchards. The Roll-In system allows gathering from a standing position; backache and back damage associated with bending, fumes and noise from engine’s, are no longer a concern.

Help yourself and your back by using the simple Roll-In collector. It does not require fuel, electric power, or maintenance. You will be amazed how easy and efficient it is.

Below is a comparison chart on how you could save valuable $$$$ on your golf driving range (example only)

Balls to collect 20,000 20,000
Balls per hour 625 1667
No of hours 32 12
Cost per hour $15 $15
Cost of collection $480 $180
No of weeks 20 20
Cost per year $9600 $3600

 Roll-In Specifications

Dimension of picked object > 10 mm > 20 mm > 30 mm
Main application olives, hazelnuts, almonds walnuts and chestnuts apples and oranges
Working capacity 20 – 45 kg/h 25 – 60 kg/h 100 – 300 kg/h
Barrel volume 3.5 l 6.5 l 9.5 l
Weight 750 g 810 g 890 g
Number of wires 60 60 60